Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to care for 4c coarse hair and detangls knots

Caring for your natural 4c coarse hair is a challenge because of the way the hair is tightly coil.

It is very important to use leave in conditioner on natural  coarse hair daily especially if you comb it daily, I don,t advise combing 4c coarse hair daily because of the potential of breakage.


  4c hair is one of the hardest hair type to work with,   Use mild shampoo on your 4c hair to avoid stripping of the natural oil, 

The benefit from your hair care treatment should be a more manageable hair that is easy to comb, this will cause less breakage or no breakage of the hair, in return, you will harvest what ever hair length you are looking for, do not use brush on 4c coarse hair, it is to fragile. .

The best way to wear our 4c hair  type if you are one , is to wear protective styles  that will last us for days or weeks, our  tightly coil hair is very easy to dry out ,wearing protective hairstyles help keep your hair moist  and away from too much combing.

If you do wear protective hairstyle  for a week are more, keep the style moisture by applying leave in condioner, oil or hair butter to your hair every other day. Protective styles for natural hair are bantu knots,single two strand twist,flat twist,corn row, weaves and braids.

You can use any of these product to make  your natural hair more manageable, use a good leave in hair conditioner  after washing, apply a small amount  of oil  or  butter to help make your natural hair soft and shiny, always detangle knotty hair before washing

 if your hair is dry and knotty, have your  spray bottle with water  mix with a little olive oil or you can apply the olive on your natural hair first, enough to make it start to feel soft, spray  a small amount of water, just enough to slightly damp the hair.

Work your finger through the hair first to loose the knots before you comb it, best to have  three different comb , a large one to finish loose the knots , a medium size to stretch the hair and a small size to make the hair look refine. 

Hair butter  and oils  can use on your hair when needed.Shea butter work well on all hair texture so do olives oils, coconut oil almond and avocado oil. Mix your favorite oils together or use them apart  on your natural hair when needed.

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