Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Natural 4c hair journey the wrong way

Read my natural hair journey story to help go your natural hair journey the right way.
My natural 4c hair journey was not  what I thought it would be,I was inspired after watching some natural hair videos on YouTube.

looking at these ladies beautiful hair and the styles they wear, it make me want grow my hair natural immediately.We ladies have a specific hairstyle we love , for me  curly hair was my thing. 

Jerry-curls was my favorite  hairstyle but my hair was breaking too much so I decide I  am going to stop  and   grow my 4c hair natural thinking that I could wear some curls when ever I want, after using some of these curly hair products the ladies  were using to make their hair looking so nice and curly.

Little did I know, I was in for a big surprise.the hair texture that I have can not curl the way I want it to, if I had known that my hair texture was a 4c before ,I would be more prepare but I did not.Out of all the natural hair texture, 4c hair is the hardest to work with.

 So because of the little knowledge I had  on how to take care of natural 4c kinky  coil,  I quit  the natural hair journey and went straight back to Jerry curls. I did not wear it for a long time because my hair keep  falling off because of the damage from the chemicals. 

know that many of you ladies are going through the same thing or have gone through the same thing, we do the big chop, but quit after a while because we were not prepare to work with our natural 4c  tightly  coil hair. feel free to share your natural hair journey story.

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